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BJs' Stocks SprayTECH/Titan, Graco, Earlex, BE Pressure Washers and is the home of the Juicebox! IF YOUR AIRLESS SPRAYER IS BROKEN - WE CAN UNBREAK IT!!!!!!
BJs' carries these sprayers and all the parts & tools that go with them - extensions, guns, hoses, tips, repair parts and more!


Titan Tools & Sprayers

As the leader in airless spray technology, Titan offers world-class, end-to-end solutions for the painting industry. Titan's wide range of sprayers feature intelligent tools specifically designed to exceed your needs. Performance and versatility are the cornerstones of Titan's product line.

Titan Tool's leadership position in paint spray equipment is prominently identified by their quality brand names Titan and Speeflo. Titan is strongly committed to aggressively grow through innovative marketing, high technology engineering and quality manufacturing.

Titan Tool, Inc. is leading the industry in the paint spray equipment market producing the highest quality contractor grade products with years of success. Visit BJs' Paint 'N Place today to check out the latest in Titan Tools!
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Titan Capspray 105


Titan Advantage 340


Titan Impact 440


Titan ED 655 Plus


Ultra 395P

Graco Tools & Sprayers

Once a quiet family-owned business, Graco Inc. has become one of the world's premier manufacturers of fluid handling equipment and systems. It has pioneered technology and equipment for a wide variety of fluid handling applications.


TriTech sprayers

Earlex Spray Stations


- 2901 Spray Station

Designed for frequent use by homeowners or woodworking hobbyists. Earlex now puts HVLP technology with the Earlex Spray Station into your hands at a price you can afford. The Spray Station 2901 can be used for a wide variety of interior and exterior painting projects and the Spray Station can even achieve a mirror like quality finish for that woodworking project.

You'll remain in constant control, get a great finish make your coating go even further and clean up is faster than a brush!

Key Features

  • Powerful700 watt- 2 stage turbine
  • 13"air hose
  • 1.5 qt. capacity wide-mouth paint container
  • 2.5mm (.06") brass stain/latex 'SmartTip '
  • 1"-12" fan pattern width

- HV3500 Spray Station

Designed for frequent use by homeowners or woodworking hobbyists. The Spray Station 3500 is designed for frequent decorators or DIY enthusiasts and is fitted with a turbine motor supplying the spray gun with a constant airflow. This technique allows the sprayed paint to be distributed evenly despite varying viscosities, giving a fast professional finish with no brush marks. The Spray Station 3500 is ideal for use in the home, garden, workshop, and for model and craft making.

Key Features

  • Powerful 500 watt- 2 stage turbine
  • 9" air hose
  • 1 qt. capacity wide-mouth paint container
  • Stain/latex tip
  • 1"- 8" fan pattern width
  • Thumb control paint flow dial
  • 3 spray pattern adjuster
  • Viscosity cup
- HV 5500 Commercial Grade HVLP Spray Station

- HV 5500 Commercial Grade HVLP Spray Station

The professional, commercial grade HV5500 is a powerful HVLP unit suitable for thick and thin viscosity paints — great for making light work out of the arduous jobs for the professional with hard-wearing aluminum spray gun.

Key Features

  • 650 Watt
  • Carry handle
  • 42 CFM/ 22 PSI
  • 160 Din/Sec maximum viscosity
  • Turbine motor
  • 1Qt. easy-to
  • clean Non-stick PTFE coated container with quick-release lever
  • 13-foot air hose
  • 5.5-foot power cord
  • Sprays a wide variety of materials
  • Sprays from 1" - 12 " wide fan pattern
  • Fitted with variable output control
  • Includes 2.0nznz (0.089 stainless steel tip and needle)
  • Optional needle sets
  • Fast "Push N Click"3 spray pattern changing system
  • On board gun, hose and cord storage
- 6000 Spray Port

- 6000 Spray Port

The Earlex Spray Port 6000 series is designed to suit the experienced woodworker, professional finishing shop and occasional on-site use. The 6002 is the entry level system with a 1200W 2-stage turbine and provides the perfect solution for thin-to-medium paint coats and occasional use. The 6003 is a step up in power and performance from the 6002 with a 1200W 3-stage turbine. Ideal for increased atomization of thin or thicker coats and increased production speed.

Key Features

  • Rugged lightweight robust assembly providing hard wearing portability
  • Dual reticulated open cell air filters for continual flow of cleaner air for atomization
  • Quick easy access filters for easy maintenance and replacement
  • Retractable gun dock for convenient storage during use
  • 7.6m (25ft) tkiS hose for easy movement with quick-connect fitting
  • Choice of Gravity-Fed or Pressure-Fed paint containers for all application options

BE Pressure Washers

Pressure supply is a 3rd Generation family owned business. Starting in the agriculture equipment business back in 1969 Braber Equipment made a bold move from the wholesale agriculture market in 1991 and started BE Pressure Supply, a manufacturer of pressure washers. The goal was to compliment the agriculture products being sold through Braber Equipment in Canada and the Pacific Northwest and offer end-users quality products with exceptional value. Since that time BE Pressure has grown from a three man operation in a small warehouse, to eight North American distribution facilities, five manufacturing facilities and proudly exports to more than thirty countries globally today.

  • 196cc HONDA GX200 engine
  • 50' hose
  • COMET LWD pump
  • 36" wand
  • 3 Gallons Per Minute
  • 6.5 Horse Power
  • 2500 PSI
  • External Ltlevt pa: B2565HCS

JUICEBOX Sprayer Applicator

Use the JUICEBOX for disinfecting and sanitizing; applying stains, sealers, water repellents and for general purpose cleaning. Also, JUICEBOX applies insecticides, mildewcides pesticides, herbicides and dormant sprays indoors and out. JUICEBOX is an indispensable tool for pest control, cleaning, janitorial and sanitary services, just to name a few.